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  • RED

    Movie Review | Rob | 25th October 2010

    Think back to The A-Team's tagline: "There is no Plan B". Seeing as RED is the fourth movie this year that features a group of highly-skilled heroes who enjoy banter between gunfights, after The A-TeamThe Losers, and The Expendables, it would seem that not only is there is a Plan B, there's a Plan C and a Plan D as well.

  • Brian Cox to play Hobbit dwarf?

    Movie News | Ali | 15th November 2009

    Casting details for The Hobbit are harder to come by than a female Tolkien fan with her hymen broken, but one small role looks like it might have been filled already. Maybe they're casting in height order.

  • The Ringer

    Movie Review | Ali | 3rd April 2006

    It's Saturday night, you've got an hour or so to kill before you go out; what else are you going to do but crack open a few beers and watch the Disabled Commonwealth Games? I assumed that watching disabled competitors would humble my able ass - these guys have no use of their legs/arms/eyes [delete as applicable] and yet they s...

  • Red Eye

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th September 2005

    It sounds terrible I know, but I only really know Wes Craven from Scream and the subsequent sequels - back when Freddy was terrorising attractive youths in the 80's I was but a nipper, and all I saw of Elm Street was viewed through the crack of my older brother's bedroom door. His name might be mentioned in tones of hushed awe ...