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  • Singer wants to return to X-Men

    Movie News | Matt | 12th October 2009

    Bryan Singer has said that he is in talks with Fox to return for another X-Men movie. Presumably because he has discovered it is easier to tell a gay allegory with mutants than with Nazis.

  • Bryan Singer to direct Battlestar Galactica reboot

    Movie News | Ali | 14th August 2009

    Director Bryan Singer has signed on to direct a remake of the original Battlestar Galactica - yep, the crappy one, not the recent, critically-acclaimed, mega-successful TV series. (*slow clap*).

  • Valkyrie

    Movie Review | Ali | 24th January 2009

    As weird as it may sound, the Nazis have become pantomime villains in recent years. This is not down to a lack of respect - after all, the way to rob an organisation of its power is to remove its credibility and Lord knows there's enough holocaust films to remind us of the Horrors Of What Really Happened. But all those B-movies ...

  • Superman Returns

    Movie Review | Ali | 17th July 2006

    And it's about bloody time. Considering the fact that Superman is perhaps the most iconic movie character of all time, bringing him back sure did prove to be something of a clusterfuck. Names like Brett Ratner, Tim Burton, McG, Michael Bay and Kevin Smith were all attached to the project at one point, with an absolute horrorsh...