Cam Gigandet

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  • Nothing screams quality like spelling your star's name wrong on the box

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 11th June 2014

    I mean, Cam Gigandet is a stupid name, but still.

  • Stop stealing my ideas, Hollywood!

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 14th March 2014

    I swear I had this idea when I was eight years old.

  • Trespass trailer = CAGE RAGE

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 19th August 2011

    Make room for another home invasion movie, this one starring Nicolas Cage, who'll protect his home by any means necessary. Don't make him over-act - you wouldn't like him when he's over-acty.

  • Pandorum

    Movie Review | Steven | 1st October 2009

    Earth has depleted its resources and become over populated. The answer to this problem? Neuter the world's idiots? Nope - in Pandorum, the solution is to send a large group of cryogenically-frozen men and women into space, hurtling towards a newly found plant that can sustain life. Far less exciting an option, if you ask me.

  • Twilight

    Movie Review | Anna | 23rd December 2008

    A cynic may read Twilight as a piece of conservative, middle-American propaganda worthy of Joseph Goebbels. It's a shot of abstinence into the pulsating veins of every randy teenager that crosses the cinema threshold. There are the Freudian implications about the exchange of bodily fluids for a start. Twilight practically scream...