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  • Christopher Lee 'extremely pissed off' to reprise Bond role on promo duty

    Movie News | Ali | 17th October 2012

    "This shit is fucking bullshit," Lee told reporters at the launch of the James Bond Blu-ray boxset. "I'm 90 fucking years old. Enough with this Scaramanga shit already. Let me go back to fucking bed, for fuck's sake."

  • Season Of The Witch

    Movie Review | James | 10th January 2011

    On paper, at least, Season Of The Witch sounds like a delightful medieval romp; Nic Cage and Ron Perlman as world-weary Crusaders, escorting a suspected sorceress across plague-stricken Blighty? Why, throw in some Eric Clapton and a dash of Joe Pesci and it's practically Lethal Weapon 2. Sadly, such early promise is quickly scuppered by the sick, unnerving realisation that the film is little more than a plodding exercise in inanity for which you paid 7 to see Cage look like a homeless Chad Kroeger.

  • Christopher Lee joins metal band

    Movie News | Ali | 8th March 2010

    Of course he does.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Movie Review | Ali | 17th August 2008

    There's a cold hard fact to consider when approaching this animated entry into the Star Wars canon: George Lucas has made far more money from merchandising the franchise than he has from box-office receipts. Given the child-friendly skew of the largely disappointing prequel trilogy (Episode III's Sith BBQ notwithstanding), you'd...

  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    Movie Review | Ali | 15th August 2005

    You won't have to hunt long and hard to find a bigger Tim Burton fan than me. The man's had his moments, yes, but when I look at his goofy face, his intentionally wacky haircut and those unavoidable goth overtones, a switch inside me just flips to 'not bothered' (it's like, Tim, you already pulled that pasty-faced Bonham-Carter...