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  • Dunkirk

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 18th July 2017

    I don't want to write off an entire category of cinema, but... war films. They can be a bit heavy-going, can't they? Yes, there are some amazing standouts in this crowded genre, but it can be really hard to muster up the enthusiasm to watch a movie depicting the experience of war, which is basically: it's truly horrifying when not intensely boring. Luckily, things are different this time round, because a) Christoper Nolan films have never not been great, b) it's mercifully short at under two hours, and c) maybe there'll be a twist and the soldiers of Dunkirk will get rescued by Batman?

  • LFF 2016: Free Fire

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 16th October 2016

    Remember that sequence in Spaced, where Tim gets out of a bind by initiating a pretend shootout with finger guns, safe in the knowledge that no one in the near vicinity can resist joining in? Ben Wheatley's new trigger-happy triumph plays out exactly like that, complete with stylised slow-mo, only with real guns, real bullet wounds and with it all carrying on for a real long time.

  • Five Peaky Blinders anagrams that make better titles

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 2nd October 2014

    Peaky Blinders, while being fairly good and having the advantage of a second-season role for Tom Hardy, which will factually be brilliant, is saddled with a rubbish title.

  • Broken

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 6th March 2013

    It's always heartening to report that a non-costume, non-street-crime British drama has made it to cinemas at all, let alone that it's any good. Broken, the debut offering from director Rufus Norris, is a rare thing: a film made on these shores that takes the best of British whimsy and lets you see the darkness that can lurk just below its surface, without a bodice or a firearm in sight.

  • These EXCLUSIVE Red Lights posters are questionable

    Movie News | Luke | 12th June 2012

    Spooky psychic thriller Red Lights makes its presence known with an exclusive gallery of character posters. Not our exclusive, mind you. Sorry, thought I'd made that clear.

  • Inception

    Movie Review | Matt | 10th July 2010

    Christopher Nolan is one stealthily clever bastard. While we've all been gasping at jaw-dropping trailers and trying to glean meaning from mind-boggling posters, the actual plot for Inception has remained relatively under wraps. Oh sure, it's a heist movie involving dreams, and you could always guarantee that Nolan would deliver a hefty dose of headfuckery with this subject matter, but you can check your assumptions in at the door - this is a film that defies all your expectations except for one: it is a work of genius.

  • The Edge Of Love

    Movie Review | Anna | 15th July 2008

    Watching The Edge Of Love is a little like tuning into the BBC on a Sunday evening to find a lavish costume drama. You know, the kind of high-quality frolic that requires approximately half of your attention, leaving the other half free to peruse the Sunday papers at leisure. This film is essentially an intelligent lit-chick-...

  • Red Eye

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th September 2005

    It sounds terrible I know, but I only really know Wes Craven from Scream and the subsequent sequels - back when Freddy was terrorising attractive youths in the 80's I was but a nipper, and all I saw of Elm Street was viewed through the crack of my older brother's bedroom door. His name might be mentioned in tones of hushed awe ...

  • Batman Begins

    Movie Review | Ali | 20th June 2005

    How to kill a franchise: Lesson #1
    Take one hard-boiled, well-established hero and dress him up in ill-fitting rubber, complete with cod-piece and bat-nipples. Strip away the cool Gothic vibe and replace it with super-gay neon and eye-rapingly cheesy special effects. Finally, have your newly camp crusader spout the kind of shit that George Lucas would balk at, and stand aside as your franchise digs its own grave and dies with its arse poking out of the soil.