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  • Get On Up

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 20th November 2014

    Pop star biopics don't really work, do they? They love to take great, heavy-handed pains to hint at the inspiration behind the subject's most famous work, like a whole film comprising Forrest Gump telling John Lennon how in China the people have no possessions, and no religion too. Get On Up, the story of James Brown, isn't quite as guilty of this as most, and boasts a standout lead performance by Chadwick Boseman, but by Christ, its script is funky, and not in a good way.

  • Behind The Candelabra

    Movie Review | Neil | 4th June 2013

    "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful", claims Michael Douglas as Liberace in this bling-soaked biopic, and while recent developments suggest that he might want to qualify that statement by suggesting one at least goes easy on the knicker bacon sandwiches, he could still very well be referring to his own performance. His performance in the film, I mean, not between the folds of Catherine Zeta Jones' funflaps. Honestly, you people.

  • TIL: Tom Hanks has a criminal record

    Movie News | Luke | 24th November 2011

    Does TimeCop deal with noise pollution?

  • Films on TV round-up: it was acceptable in the eighties

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 2nd October 2011

    Shit, I haven't written this in about a month, have I? Films are the ones that are a bit longer than TV shows, right? Usually got Ryan Gosling in them? OK, I got this.

  • The Blues Brothers need somebody to love...them

    TV News | Matt Looker | 1st September 2011

    While we're still waiting to see if Ghostbusters 3 will ever materialise, Mad Dan Aykroyd is wasting no time in continuing his mission to rehash all the hits from when he was a successful comedy actor - this time with a Blues Brothers TV show. Next up: Coneheads - The Broadway Musical.

  • Ghostbusters 3 to finally materialise?

    Movie News | Luke | 2nd November 2010

    The tubes are abuzz today with reports that the eternally-stalled sequel to spooktacular classic Ghost Busters - and not so hot follow-up Ghostbusters 2 (why is it one word now?) - is set to roll into production next year. Someone tweeted it actually, and even they didn't sound 100% sure. Look, it's a slow day for movie news.