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  • TV shows dressed up for Halloween

    TV Feature | Matt Looker, Ali Gray, Kirsty Harrison, Ed Williamson, Cal King | 31st October 2011

    It's not just fat kids and humiliated parents that parade themselves in crappy costumes on Halloween. Thanks to some Photoshop tricks and treats, we have a whole group of TV shows masquerading under spooky aliases ready to shout 'boo' before holding out their hand for some Haribo.

  • Danny Dyer and Nick Love are angry

    Movie News | Ali | 16th September 2009

    Did you like the movie Outlaw? No, of course you didn't, it was terrible. Director Nick Love and Danny Dyer would like a word with you. And that word is 'cunt'.

  • Straightheads

    Movie Review | Ali | 24th April 2007

    Before the opening credits of Straightheads roll, a National Lottery logo appears and fittingly flicks two fingers up at you. Funded by the National Lottery Film Council, this is a horrible waste of British money that would have been better spent building public toilets or car parks. When I buy my Lucky Dip every week, I trust...