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  • Facepalm: Third X-Files movie coming, the reboot is out there

    Movie News | Ali | 24th August 2009

    Even the box-office flop of I Want To Believe hasn't convinced the powers that be that the X Files need to be shredded. Not only is a third movie imminent, a young and sexy reboot is planned.

  • The X Files: I Want To Believe

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd August 2008

    Aliens. Victor Tooms. Government cover-ups and black goo. That fish-faced sewer mutant thing. All reasons to tune in to The X Files TV show every week, and all conspicuous by their absence in this disappointing second big-screen X Files outing. For Mulder and Scully's movie reunion, the story is more in line with the singular 'm...