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  • The Final Destination

    Movie Review | Rob | 31st August 2009

    There's a simple formula to stick to when making a Final Destination movie. One: find yourself some young, unknown American TV actors. Two: one of them must have a gruesome vision of their own death, dragging their mates down with them. Three: they cheat death. Four: the ol' Grim Reaper starts picking them off one by one in various weird and wonderful ways. And if you fancy it, throw in some boobs. Roll credits.

  • Snakes On A Plane: The Great Debate

    Movie Review | Ali | 31st August 2006

    Frankly, we don't know what to believe any more. Even attempting to review a movie like Snakes On A Plane feels futile, like chasing after a missile after it's already been fired. The people who want to see it, will see it. The people who think it sounds dumb, well, they're right, and they still won't go and see it. But one ...