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  • Review: The Hustle is a like-for-like switcheroo

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 13th May 2019

    Now then, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was one of those I had on VHS off the telly and watched a lot as a kid, and believe it or not, I'm quite happy to allow a reboot without moaning on the internet about how my childhood has been stolen from me, as though MGM had coerced the 12-year-old me into confessing to a murder I didn't commit then used its corporate weight to lobby against my release and discredit the one witness who saw it all and could exonerate me, meaning I had to spend my teenage years in the big house, punctuated only by making recorded calls to the true crime podcast that was covering my case but whose final episode would end "Well, he's still in prison. Get 50% off your new mattress if you use the code DIAL-MGM-4-MURDER at checkout." I mean yeah, they haven't done that. What they've done is a bit weird though.

  • The Book Of Henry

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 26th June 2017

    If you haven't seen the Book Of Henry trailer, I urge you to watch it now. It shows a whimsical family drama about a genius kid looking after his mum and little brother, making them realise the value of real love until... FUCK Dean Norris is evil! Is he a killer? No time to find out because Naomi Watts is now running around with a sniper rifle! Clearly someone somewhere hasn't worked out how to properly market this film.

    Except they have. They really have. This is the exact film of that trailer.

  • Potentially good Adam Sandler film alert

    Movie Trailer | Ed Williamson | 20th August 2014

    (*sighs*) Fine, another trailer for an Adam Sandler film, nothing to see here WAIT SHIT HE'S GOT A BEARD IT MUST BE A SERIOUS ONE MAN YOUR STATIONS EVERYBODY

  • Auditions for Under The Dome: just look up

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 20th August 2013

    "Yes, that's good. Now can you say, 'What the fuck is that, some sort of fucking dome?' ... Yes, but more incredulous ... Fine, fine, we'll call you."

  • What I did on my holidays: watched Breaking Bad

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 20th May 2012

    You know how sometimes we write long, overly earnest and not-all-that-funny stuff about TV shows just because we like them a lot, and partly because we've been given free DVDs and we're total whores for that sort of thing? Yeah, well, apologies in advance. But, if we hadn't made it clear enough over the last week or so, you really should watch Breaking Bad.

  • Excuse me, but I just found this out

    TV Feature | Matt Looker | 13th May 2012

    My mind just did an explode.

  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    Movie Review | Matt | 9th May 2012

    Well, I think we can all guess how Mel Gibson spent his summer vacation, amirite? Yelling anti-Semitic accusations into the voicemail of someone with tabloid connections? Drunkenly embarking on a tirade of racist and domestic abuse against his ex-wife? Playing Grand Wizard at a clan rally gathering before a burning wicker effigy? Right, I'm out. Shall we get on with the film?