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  • Season Of The Witch

    Movie Review | James | 10th January 2011

    On paper, at least, Season Of The Witch sounds like a delightful medieval romp; Nic Cage and Ron Perlman as world-weary Crusaders, escorting a suspected sorceress across plague-stricken Blighty? Why, throw in some Eric Clapton and a dash of Joe Pesci and it's practically Lethal Weapon 2. Sadly, such early promise is quickly scuppered by the sick, unnerving realisation that the film is little more than a plodding exercise in inanity for which you paid £7 to see Cage look like a homeless Chad Kroeger.

  • The witch is wack in new trailer for 'Season of the Witch'

    Movie Trailer | Luke | 11th November 2010

    It's been almost exactly one year since the first Season of the Witch trailer. But now, following studio delays and a change of distributor, it's nearly time for Nic Cage to deliver us from evil.