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  • Review: Colette is the literary period drama biopic that 2019 needs right now

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 9th January 2019

    Did you know that Keira Knightley hasn’t appeared in a single film that’s set in the present day since Love Actually? Now, that isn’t remotely true, but it feels like it could be, doesn’t it? For most of her career, Knightley has been marked out as the go-to lead actress in Brit period dramas, even though her résumé includes recent memorable ‘modern’ roles such as those in um… Collateral Beauty, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and, well, Red Nose Day Actually. If ever you worried that favouring stuffy corseted roles means that Knightley struggles to stay as relevant as she would be if she played, for example, a kick-ass assassin, a Transformer or Thor, then you’d be wrong. Colette proves that a period biopic can still offer a refreshingly modern story that’s surprisingly pertinent for these times. And – probably through no coincidence – it is Knightley’s best performance in years.

  • Testament Of Youth

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 16th January 2015

    Vera Brittain's Testament Of Youth is considered to be one of the most important war memoirs ever published, a tragic real-life tale of love, loss and the atrocities of war. Its depiction of the impact of World War I on the women left behind as their men joined the army, not to mention the middle classes in general, is taught in schools both as a vital historical document and as a valuable piece of feminist literature. So bear with me while I try to criticise this film without sounding like a cynical, sexist Nazi.

  • The Wire: The Musical

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 5th June 2012

    (Courtesy of Funny or Die.)

  • John Carter

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd March 2012

    Already written off as potentially "the biggest write-off of all time", it's a shame to put the boot into a film that was always going to struggle during a crowded, franchise-heavy summer. Andrew Stanton is a director with two of the finest animated films ever made on his CV (WALL-E and Finding Nemo), and he has one of science-fiction's true originals on his side in Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess Of Mars. A production this large must have taken thousands of men and women years to create – writers, runners, artists, builders, designers, extras and animators alike. You feel for them all, because there is no escaping it - John Carter is a calamitous failure; a dirty bomb of laughable dialogue, boneheaded plotting, wooden acting and uninspired direction that will leave a smoking crater in Disney's Q1 box-office returns. If it is to flop, it's so woeful it deserves it.

  • DVD weekly: wives, Wests and, er, Wincent Chase

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 12th September 2011

    I got fed up of films this week, so Kirsty and I pulled the switcheroo on you: she's done the Films on TV round-up, and I'm doing this. Ha! Bet you never saw it coming! And you were like, "All of a sudden, up is down and black is white and I can't even remember my own NAME!" Hands up who actually noticed, then.

  • Appropriate Adult

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 12th September 2011

    Ladies and gentleman, it's time for ... The Fred West Show! And here's your host: Mr Doooooooooooominic WEST!

  • DVD weekly: newshounds, media whores and patriarchs

    TV Feature | Kirsty Harrison | 29th August 2011

    More TV DVDs out this week, and remember: there are only 119 days till Christmas, and you can't give everyone a printout of Ed's Gary Barlow article.

  • The Hour: not a prequel to The Hours, it turns out

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 1st July 2011

    Nothing to do with Open All Hours either, it says here.

  • McNulty: Fred West "quite a nice bloke, actually"

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 30th May 2011

    Here at we have a policy: never intentionally misquote someone just for the sake of a good headline. Unless of course it's a bank holiday, nothing much else is going on and you need to fill a bit of space. In which case, it's totally fine.

  • 300

    Movie Review | Ali | 24th March 2007

    I used to think I had a penis until I saw 300. Once in a while, a movie comes along that's so extraordinarily butch, it makes even the most pumped-up gym-jockeys look like spaghetti-armed girls. 300 is so manly, if I was to re-write this article, it would take up the top 15 slots all by itself. If you step back and view 300 f...