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  • The Circle

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 4th July 2017

    The tech-firm thriller seems to have supplanted the gangster movie as the modern-day American Dream story. Exploit free markets with entrepreneurial spirit, cut a few corners, hubris, rise and fall, regret, redemption. By now I thought we were past the point of techno-cautionary tales which ask whether the internet is a good or a bad thing, largely because the @dog_rates Twitter account has proved beyond all doubt that it is the former, and yet here we are.

  • Sexy Emma Watson to star in sexy Fifty Shades Of Grey sex movie?

    Movie News | Ali | 25th July 2012

    To the relief of Google-baiters everywhere, SEXY HARRY POTTER star and former TEEN Emma Watson is rumoured to be starring in the movie adaptation of the racy hit series FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, described by some to contain SEX, HARDCORE FUCKING, BONDAGE, SPANKING and female empowerment.

  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

    Movie Review | Matt | 9th July 2011

    And so it all ends. Goodbye, Gryffindor. So long, Slytherin. Adios ‘Ogwarts. Whatever your feelings about ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and his mostly family friendly foray into a world of wizardry, there’s no denying that this final film marks the end of an inspired (and lucrative) era in British filmmaking. So thank god that it so magnificently lives up to the occasion.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

    Movie Review | Matt | 19th November 2010

    So, after nine years of expelliarmus this and accio that, the Harry Potter franchise comes to a close. The trailer tagline says, "It all ends here"...but it doesn't really, does it? Because as the title agrees, and as fans feared, this is very much just the first half of a bigger story that really ends next July. However, while it's fair to say that this sadly doesn't work as a standalone film, it is still one of the best instalments of the series yet.

  • New Harry Potter banners are great for my search rankings

    Movie News | Ali | 7th October 2010

    Yeah, I went there. Here are seven brand new character banners for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part One, which stars EMMA WATSON who is quite SEXY and definitely not NAKED. Also, UPSKIRT.

  • Harry Potter And The Wicked Cool Trailer

    Movie Trailer | Chris | 23rd September 2010

    This awesome trailer gave me a Hagrid-sized boner. Or maybe it was just catching a glimpse of barely legal Emma Watson in that red dress.

  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

    Movie Review | Ali | 4th July 2009

    First, an admission: I've not read the Harry Potter books. Go ahead: take me out back and shoot me. I've seen the films and enjoyed them as passing distractions, but never felt obliged to comment, given that they're so clearly aimed at the hardcore fans - trying to review them would be like pretending to support a football team ...