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  • Bastille Day

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 20th April 2016

    Will Idris Elba be Bond? Can he out-Bond Bond? Can Idris Elbond Bond the Bond Bond? Everyone's obsession with Idris becoming the next 007 (give it up - he's not too black, he's too old) has led to this film being treated like it’s his audition for the role just because he waves a gun around and runs about for a bit. And if it were that easy, they would have cast Elmer Fudd years ago. No, we need to treat this film on its own terms: as a slightly-better-than-generic action thriller with hilariously out-of-touch opinions about how social media works.

  • Transporter 3

    Movie Review | Rob | 11th December 2008

    The Transporter series can be summed up pretty easily. Jason Statham, a glorified courier in a suit, drives about delivering various unmentionable items. He gets in a few scraps, he has a couple of car chases, he takes his shirt off on more than one occasion, deals with some uninspiring cock-tease and Audi sell a few more cars. ...