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  • Review: Colette is the literary period drama biopic that 2019 needs right now

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 9th January 2019

    Did you know that Keira Knightley hasn’t appeared in a single film that’s set in the present day since Love Actually? Now, that isn’t remotely true, but it feels like it could be, doesn’t it? For most of her career, Knightley has been marked out as the go-to lead actress in Brit period dramas, even though her résumé includes recent memorable ‘modern’ roles such as those in um… Collateral Beauty, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and, well, Red Nose Day Actually. If ever you worried that favouring stuffy corseted roles means that Knightley struggles to stay as relevant as she would be if she played, for example, a kick-ass assassin, a Transformer or Thor, then you’d be wrong. Colette proves that a period biopic can still offer a refreshingly modern story that’s surprisingly pertinent for these times. And – probably through no coincidence – it is Knightley’s best performance in years.

  • The Tree Of Life

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th July 2011

    So here's me, reviewing The Tree Of Life. Me, who sort of liked Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Me, who has probably never seen an arthouse film without sneaking a snooze and has an extremely low tolerance for pretentious bullshit. Me, who has already put off writing this review for a week and procrastinated to the tune of 50 made-up Terrence Malick trivia tidbits. This should be fun.