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  • Review: The Creator is high-end, low-tech sci-fi with middling ambitions

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 11th October 2023

    Apologetically plonked at the end of the September release schedule like a $100m afterthought, Gareth Edwards' The Creator is a movie that does a lot with a little, although that should be no surprise to anyone familiar with the director's prudent knack of making movies that look twice as expensive as they actually are. His first movie since Star Wars spin-off Rogue One - that rare Disney-era Star Wars feature that is universally beloved - Edwards finds himself back on imperious form, crafting a zeitgeisty tale about the dangers of A.I. that couldn't be more timely if it were written by ChatGPT itself.

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 14th December 2016

    For all the criticism aimed at Marvel, the thought of a 1-star or 2-star MCU movie these days just seems like an impossibility, and you'd like to think that we could expect the same for all forthcoming Star Wars instalments. Surely there are just too many talented stakeholders invested in the process to allow for any major misfires? And yet, there are valid reasons to fear for Rogue One: it's the first standalone spin-off, consisting of almost entirely new characters; director Gareth Edwards still has much to prove; rumours around the reshoots weren't kind; and of course the recent memory of the prequels is still hanging around like a clingy, irritating Gungan. So does Rogue One give us reason to believe that Star Wars will now always be in safe hands? Or is it just another hollow, unmemorable blockbuster facsimile? Is it a new hope, or just the latest attack of a clone?

  • Godzilla

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 12th May 2014

    Godzilla is the kind of excellent monster movie you can only make when you've already seen someone else make it exactly wrong as your reference. Though director Gareth Edwards first movie, the fittingly titled Monsters, was a stunning debut, Roland Emmerich's ill-advised 1998 Godzilla remake acts as Edwards' training wheels – a clear guide on what not to do. Where Emmerich favoured levity, Edwards favours atmosphere; where Emmerich keeps it local, Edwards goes global; Emmerich's disowned creature became officially known as 'Zilla'; Edwards' king of monsters is quickly labelled "a God". And rightly so, because this Godzilla stands tall in the modern pantheon of monster movies: a no-nonsense beast from beyond that makes his 90s counterpart look like a bogey with legs.

  • Trailer breakdown: is Godzilla a graveyard smash? We do the mash

    Movie Trailer | Luke Whiston | 10th December 2013

    Unless you were in a coma until about half an hour ago and have only just got to checking the latest movie trailers (in which case, what the hell? Priorities!), you won't have escaped the first official trailer for a certain large reptilian monster movie making its way onto the internet. I'm talking of course about Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. Just thought I'd clarify that in case you really have been in a coma, or are Google. Breakdown!

  • That Godzilla reboot teaser trailer in full. Well, what I can remember of it.

    Movie Feature | Luke | 9th October 2013

    If you were quick enough off the mark last Friday, you would have seen a glimpse of Gareth Edwards' upcoming Godzilla reboot - which had been nestling on Youtube under the name "Fatman Trailer" for about a month before hitting the big time. But as quick as it could be retweeted, Warner Bros. shut it down faster than the US Government did the day after Grand Theft Auto 5 came out. Well, I reckon I've got a pretty good memory, and I reckon I can replicate that teaser here on this website, for you, using nothing but MS Paint. Ain't nobody taking my shitty drawings away.

  • Godzilla is here to cancel out the cancellation of the apocalypse

    Movie News | Luke | 15th July 2013

    Gnarly Comic-Con poster for Gareth Edward's upcoming Godzilla movie. Is it too late to add this to our list of the 50 coolest posters of 2013 (so far)? (via IMPAwards)

  • Jameson Cult Film Club: Monsters

    Movie Feature | Matt | 9th March 2011

    Those crazy drunken folk at Jameson Cult Film Club went and done another one of their spectacular screenings last week, with actors, props and lots of buzzing movie fans all celebrating the brilliance of Monsters (No. 10 in the 's Top Movies of 2010, dontcha know). There was even a Q&A with writer-director-and-thoroughly-nice-bloke Gareth Edwards beforehand. And of course, there was whiskey. By god, was there whiskey…

  • Gareth Edwards to direct another monster

    Movie News | Chris | 5th January 2011

    Gareth Edwards will direct another American Godzilla reboot. If his first feature is any indication, this movie will feature bland, barely talented actors in the lead roles, only this time they'll be Japanese.

  • Monsters

    Movie Review | Ali | 21st December 2010

    Maybe it's because I'm partial to a good alien invasion story. Maybe it's because I like to champion the British underdog. Maybe - just maybe - it's because it reminds me of Jurassic Park. Whatever the reason, Monsters might just be my new favourite monster movie. Maybe it's the title. You know what you're getting from a movie called Monsters. Monsters.