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  • Review: The Red Sea Diving Resort sinks under the weight of its own clichés

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 16th September 2019

    Is it still white saviour complex if the events actually happened? Or is it a different kind of white saviour complex; one for the benefit of white audiences, to make them feel better about conditions in other countries that probably had something to do with them sticking their oar in at some point in history? Are we challenging ourselves by broaching such subjects in the first place: a tacit acceptance of blame by not sugarcoating the human casualties of conflict? Was a film ostensibly about ethnic cleansing the right time to show off Chris Evans' side-ass and the top bit of his pubes? Many questions.

  • Films on TV round-up: dynamic and dicephalic duos

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson, Ali Gray | 28th August 2011

    I knew this day would come. Despite a long list of films on TV this week, I could only find Stuck On You to write anything about. So I've roped in overlord Ali to give us his thoughts on Batman Forever. Imagine, someone who actually knows things about films for a change, rather than just pasting stuff off Wikipedia.

  • The Kennedys

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 20th June 2011

    SPOILER ALERT: I'm pretty sure the main guy dies at the end.

  • Green Zone

    Movie Review | Darren | 17th March 2010

    Before the dust has even settled on the Iraq war, several filmmakers have cast their lens in the direction of the conflict and raised pertinent questions about what is essentially an ongoing crisis. That is unprecedented, considering war movies of the past are typically made a considerable period after the conflict has been done and dusted. No film this year will be as politically charged as Paul Greengrass' stirring and unflinching war movie.

  • Ghost Town

    Movie Review | Rob | 30th October 2008

    After a couple of sitcoms (I forget the names now but I remember them being pretty successful), some weird kids' books, numerous podcasts, a bit of stand-up comedy and a few small parts in films, it was inevitable that that funny fat bloke from Reading would get his own leading role. Ricky Gervais claims that Ghost Town was the ...

  • Baby Mama

    Movie Review | Ali | 28th July 2008

    It's tempting to write off this lopsided baby-com as Knocked Up for chicks or Juno for grown-ups, but in reality, it's far more than a simple Judd Apatow knock-off with added lady bits. For starters, it's fronted by two of the strongest female comedians working in America today; the pairing of Tina Fey (Saturday Night Live's fir...

  • Fast Food Nation

    Movie Review | Ali | 9th February 2007

    Richard Linklater is a director who point blank refuses to be pigeonholed; try and pin him down to a particular genre and he'll slip out of your grasp like a greased pig. Having recently tackled science fiction with his critically lauded big-screen version of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly, he's now turning his hand to yet a...

  • The Matador

    Movie Review | Ali | 21st March 2006

    What with all the clinical headshots, fatal stabbings and car-bomb murders, sometimes we lose sight of an important message: hitmen are people too. The first Austin Powers movie made us aware of the day-to-day struggle of the average henchman, and now The Matador has come along to cast light on the life of a contract killer. I...