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  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 11th October 2017

    Following the world-building original and the Batman-fronted follow-up, the LEGO brand is now so well established in cinematic terms, the spin-offs don't need an additional brand in the title. The first movie in the seemingly boundless LEGO universe without a direct connection to the others, think of The LEGO Ninjago Movie as an expansion kit from the 2014's original pack. (*marketing voice*) The LEGO Ninjago Movie contains new and exciting characters and locations, including ninja weapons, robot mechs and limited edition dragon missile thrower! (Pathos and charm required from original LEGO Movie, not sold separately).

  • Is it just me or is Chris Tucker Hollywood's smartest man?

    Movie News | Ali | 31st July 2012

    And what a decade it was. Slashfilm have the first news on Rush Hour 4: what price another $20m+ payday?

  • Somehow The Karate Kid 2 is now an excellent business decision

    Movie News | Ali | 16th June 2010


  • New trailer for The Karate Kid sparks moronic nerd outrage

    Movie Trailer | Kirsty | 24th February 2010

    With Kick-Ass's Hit-Girl and Jaden Smith's Karate Kid out later this year, hard-ass midgets are all the rage. I've got my nephew some nunchucks for his fifth birthday, y'know, start him off early.

  • The Karate Kid movie trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 22nd December 2009

    Check out the first trailer for the new Karate Kid movie; that's the new remake, not the Hilary Swank shequel. Did that one have Jackie Chan fighting children in it? This one does.

  • First official photo of The Karate Kid

    Movie News | Ali | 30th November 2009

    As if you cared, we have the first official still of the remake of The Karate Kid, aka Dayum: Jackie Chan Done Got Old!

  • First set pics of The Kung-Fu Kid

    Movie News | Ali | 18th September 2009

    Forget nostalgia; the eighties are dead, forget about it. Time to move on to the new millennium and all the eighties movies that are being remade, like The Karate, erm... The Kung-Fu Kid, starring Jackie Chan and Will Smith Jr.

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Movie Review | Rob | 6th July 2008

    Dreamworks have always played second fiddle to the almighty Pixar, churning out mostly second-rate films when compared to the Nemos and Ratatouilles of the world. Kung Fu Panda, though, may just make Andrew Stanton and friends worry that they have some serious competition. It goes without saying that the visuals are astounding -...