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  • Rust & Bone

    Movie Review | Ali | 4th November 2012

    Jacques Audiard works exclusively in the field of 'Directing Amazing French Films Which I'm Nonetheless Always Too Tired To Actually Watch'. Determined to break my duck, having utterly failed to watch A Prophet and The Beat That My Heart Skipped since their release, I raced to the first of my morning press screenings at the London Film Festival last month. I was in such a rush to get there, it was only when I sat down in the National Film Theatre that I realise I'd been wearing my shirt inside out. Thankfully, Rust & Bone was amazing and well worth the fashion faux pas: I'm tempted to say it turned me inside out emotionally, but that'd just be a shit excuse for a terrible non-sequitur. There were people shagging in its other screening – I'd kill for an anecdote like that. But I digress.

  • A Prophet

    Movie Review | Matt | 7th February 2010

    There are lots of things you can do with a long-term prison sentence: you can tie a knot in your shirt and reassess your sexuality, you can use a rock hammer to tunnel behind a poster of Raquel Welch, or, if you are anything like A Prophet's Malik, you can slowly build contacts to become a badass gang boss.