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  • Bastille Day

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 20th April 2016

    Will Idris Elba be Bond? Can he out-Bond Bond? Can Idris Elbond Bond the Bond Bond? Everyone's obsession with Idris becoming the next 007 (give it up - he's not too black, he's too old) has led to this film being treated like it’s his audition for the role just because he waves a gun around and runs about for a bit. And if it were that easy, they would have cast Elmer Fudd years ago. No, we need to treat this film on its own terms: as a slightly-better-than-generic action thriller with hilariously out-of-touch opinions about how social media works.

  • The Woman In Black

    Movie Review | Matt | 14th February 2012

    At last! Now that the wizarding adventures of Harry Potter have finished, we finally get to find out whether Daniel Radcliffe can act for realsies instead of just looking scared and running away from CGI monsters. Oh.