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  • Mad Men: season 7, episode 14 recap: "Person to Person"

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 21st May 2015

    As I've said more than once before, and will repeat endlessly until someone tells me how clever I am, Mad Men has chronicled the decade in which ideas first became commodities. Its ending demonstrates how the sixties were an age in which everyone had ideas all the time – Let's open a gallery in this old shed! Let's move to San Francisco and paint wooden eggs! – and how people gradually filtered out all this noise and made sense of it all.

  • Mad Men: season 7, episode 13 recap: "The Milk and Honey Route"

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 17th May 2015

    Betty Francis took a lot of shit down the years, from her husbands, from her daughter and from Mad Men viewers insistent on judging her by contemporary standards of parenting and womanhood. Maybe she's due a reappraisal.

  • I have DEFINITELY found meaning in the Mad Men season six cast pics

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 23rd January 2013

    Awash is the internet with articles called 'Here's what these new cast pictures tell us about Mad Men season six'. Awash. Most of these ignore the fact that they in reality tell us nothing at all about Mad Men season six. This one does not. Ignore it, that is.

  • Generic Nicolas Cage thriller #39

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 22nd September 2011

    As if duty bound to report on any and all Nicolas Cage news, here's the first trailer for Justice, formerly known as The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, formerly known as Generic Nic Cage Action Thriller #39.

  • Tide yourself over with Mad Men season four and a half

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 13th June 2011

    Grrr, no more Mad Men till 2012. This is seemingly down to network bigwigs arguing about stuff. But don't just sit around cursing anyone who's big and/or wears a wig: we've spent literally minutes plotting out an entire 2011 season just for you. Could you maybe put on a suit while you read it? It'll probably help it along.

  • X-Men: First Class

    Movie Review | Matt | 25th May 2011

    With Brett ‘The Hitman’ Ratner killing off half the characters in X-Men: The Last Stand, it’s no surprise that the franchise had to be rebooted, but do we really need to see a Bash Street Kids version of the mutant superheroes? And what can it tell us that we don’t already know? Well, how about the fact that Magneto used to be a globe-trotting Bond-a-like and Xavier was a beer-chugging ladies man? Admit it, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart suddenly seem much more interesting…

  • X-Men First Class: a guide to sitting

    Movie Feature | Ali | 17th May 2011

    Worried X-Men: First Class might be too exciting? Let Professor Xavier and his mutant brethren show you how to relax in style.

  • Unknown

    Movie Review | Rob | 2nd March 2011

    Who'd have thought Liam Neeson, a man nominated for an Oscar for Schindler's List, would now be earning his keep in action movies; he's beaten up Batman and shared the screen with a cage fighter who could barely string a plausible sentence together. And let's not forget, he knows his way around a lightsaber too...

  • X-Men: First Class swaps one hottie for another

    Movie News | Ali | 18th August 2010

    When I say that researching for these pictures is the best part of my day, I'm really, really not lying.