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  • No one told Bruce Willis we're not doing casual Friday any more

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 28th June 2014

    We all know Bruce Willis stopped caring about his movies about two Die Hards ago, but he could at least have worn a shirt and tie for the poster shoot. The Prince gets minus poster points for the unnecessary helicopter and the mysterious sparks. Also because it looks like it was made in a lunch break. Which, coincidentally, is when Bruce Willis filmed his cameo.

  • You Ain't Seen Me, Right? - Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)

    Movie Feature | Daniel | 8th October 2010

    Here's another instalment of our hidden gems feature, You Ain't Seen Me, Right? - the weekly blog post which naturally assumes you have no taste. (*snort*)

  • The Losers

    Movie Review | Matt | 27th May 2010

    The promotional material for The A-Team claims that "There is no Plan B", and yet the release of both The Losers and The Expendables this summer proves that there's no shortage of other crack commando units surviving as soldiers of fortune. And with The Losers beating the others to the punch with a film that delivers enough ridiculous action to compete with Hannibal and co's Tank vs. Plane trailer moment, you have to pity the fools that now have to follow it.