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  • It's time to raise the curtain on 'The Muppets'

    Movie News | Luke | 8th November 2010

    It may be a miserable night in the UK, but this first glimpse of Jason Segel and James Bobin's The Muppets movie should bring a smile to your face, and put some warmth in your black heart.

  • Jack Black has a small part for Jason Segel in new Gulliver trailer

    Movie Trailer | Luke | 3rd November 2010

    Like a dolphin in the Thames, gasps of joy soon turn into muted worried looks, as we watch the latest trailer for Gulliver's Travels.

  • Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are high

    Movie News | Ali | 7th February 2010

    A video has surfaced of comedians Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, bored by their UK press junket for I Love You, Man, apparently stoned out of their minds. Uhh... hur-hur-hur. I said 'junk'.

  • I Love You, Man

    Movie Review | Ali | 4th May 2009

    Just how likeable is Paul Rudd? Let's put it this way: I rate all my friends in units of Rudd. (That guy? He's a three-Rudder. Her? Half a Rudd. And so on.) I'm hard pushed thinking of another comedian that comes across as quite so effortlessly chummy on screen, which is why the concept of Paul Rudd trying to find a male best fr...

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    Movie Review | Ali | 27th April 2008

    For all the fuss surrounding producer Judd Apatow's comedies, there are some people involved in his movies that have been seriously neglected for their contributions. The 40 Year-Old Virgin wouldn't have worked half as well without co-writer and wax-resistant star Steve Carell in the title role; Knocked Up birthed not one but tw...