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  • 18 questions I still have about Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 28th September 2017

    It's been two weeks since I saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the movie motion picture event of September, and barely a day goes by that I don't think about it. It's a movie that really makes you question everything you know. Questions like 'Who is actually enjoying this?' and 'How do you turn something as joyous as a foul-mouthed Elton John cameo into a depressing chore?' Join me as I ask more spoiler-filled questions of Kingsman: The Golden Circle and wait fruitlessly for it to answer me.

  • Marvel's Cine-CHAT-ic Universe: Iron Man (2008)

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray, Matt Looker, Becky Suter, Ed Williamson | 22nd September 2017

    Is it too late to change the name?

  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 20th September 2017

    The first Kingsman movie made a stylish entrance at precisely the right time i.e. just as Bond movies were about to get rubbish again. Spectre would go on to prove that being a secret agent was no laughing matter, and absolutely no silly business would be tolerated; Kingsman, on the other hand, was of the opinion that spies just wanna have fun, grasping hold of Moonraker's blunt end with a nudge and a wink and performing a passable karaoke cover of the Moore era's kitschiest hits. Unfortunately, that included the era's sexist horseshit: Kingsman signed off with a jarring anal sex joke that - if you'll pardon the single entendre - left behind a sour taste. The sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, is of the very same caliber as its predecessor, in that it is ostensibly a fun, colourful and occasionally inventive action flick, but one that is nonetheless torpedoed by an off-colour joke so brazen and shameless it defies belief.

  • R.I.P.D.: Three posters, three poses, one Ryan Reynolds

    Movie Feature | Matt | 9th June 2013

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is Hollywood A-list talent for you. Such facial control. Such muscle memory. Such... Oh wait, I see what they've done.

  • True Grit

    Movie Review | Anna | 11th February 2011

    From time to time a film comes along that marries the perfect story, perfect script, perfect director and perfect cast. Chinatown had it, The Godfather had it and True Grit's got it. Sit back and wallow in its sweet perfection.

  • 5 plot ideas for the Tron Legacy sequel

    Movie Feature | Matt | 17th January 2011

    Rumours are abound that Disney are close to announcing a sequel to Tron Legacy, so here are five plot ideas just waiting to be chosen. Hollywood, you're welcome.

  • Tron: Legacy

    Movie Review | Matt | 5th December 2010

    I love Tron. So much so that, when I was growing up, 'lightcycle' featured regularly on my Christmas list (just below 'lightsaber' and just above 'Glaive'). But no amount of blind childhood adoration can escape the fact that the concept of the film doesn't hold up well to closer inspection. In that respect, this sequel is the perfect follow-up because it makes just as much sense i.e. it's utter bobbins.

  • Another Tron trailer: collect 'em all for the whole movie

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 9th November 2010

    Another day, another piece of Tron marketing. Come back tomorrow when we'll act out the script live and give one lucky reader a flicker book of the entire film made up of all the stills that have been released so far.

  • Tron: Legacy preview footage: first impressions

    Movie Feature | Matt | 29th October 2010

    Last night we had the privilege of seeing 23mins 49secs of the forthcoming Tron: Legacy. That has to be about 1/6th of the whole movie, right? Score.

  • Daft Punk Tron Legacy video reveals new footage, helmets

    Movie News | Ali | 26th October 2010

    Check out the music video for the first official Daft Punk song from the Tron Legacy soundtrack: it's got bleeps, bloops and shiny helmets galore.