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  • Deliver Us From Evil

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 31st August 2014

    Have you ever had your enjoyment of a film completely derailed by a small, insignificant part of that movie? A niggle that becomes a bother than becomes all you can think about? I had that with possession thriller Deliver Us From Evil, a competent, forgettable horror flick from the guy who made Sinister. It's a fairly enjoyable movie, if a little flat and unambitious, but in terms of possession movies starring C-list actors with bad scripts, it's par for the course. Except for one thing. A single sound effect. Which ruins the entire movie.

  • Blended

    Movie Review | Becky Suter | 22nd May 2014

    This is a genuine question: do you find the Red Bull cinema adverts funny? When they come on before a film, do you raise a wry smile, chuckle and say, "Good one, Red Bull!"? If you're the type of person who laughs out loud in an otherwise silent cinema at those types of adverts, you will like Blended. However, I suspect you are an awful human being.

  • Community: The Complete Third Season DVD

    TV Review | Rob Young | 26th September 2013

    Much like Ed did a year ago in his review of Community season two, I find it a tricky, almost daunting prospect to review an entire season of something, even more so when I haven't had time to watch all 22 episodes. Look, I've just been super busy lately (catching up with Breaking Bad). But if the rest of the third season of Community is as sharp, original, and self-knowing as what I've already seen, then hell, my job's already half done.

  • Community renewed for fifth season, negating pun I thought of

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 11th May 2013

    Community landed a 13-episode fifth season at NBC yesterday. This is splendid news, but it does mean I have no reason to use the headline 'Troy and Abed in the mourning' that I thought of a couple of weeks ago when I was pretty sure it'd be cancelled. Remind me when it happens and I'll throw it in somewhere.

  • Community: actually back for real this time

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 4th February 2013

    On Thursday. Probably. Unless Chevy Chase takes out a last-minute injunction, or they bump it for a half-hour Days of Our Lives special or whatever.

  • BREAKING: Chevy Chase took this long to leave Community

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 22nd November 2012

    I don't know about you, but the last time I left my boss an expletive-strewn voicemail then dropped the N-bomb in front of black colleagues, they didn't let me hang around long. Still, he's Chevy Chase ... and we're not. So long, Pierce.

  • Community: The Complete Second Season DVD

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 26th September 2012

    You'll have noticed that we don't do DVD Weekly any more. It's difficult - arguably futile - to maintain a weekly feature based on DVDs you haven't seen, especially when most of them are reissues of Boon. So yeah, we probably just won't bother covering DVDs from now OH WAIT HERE'S A REALLY GOOD ONE

  • Ted

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd August 2012

    I have a love/hate relationship with Family Guy, and Seth McFarlane by association. Nothing about it is particularly clever or witty or considered – in fact, the laziness and sloppiness of the writing is often shockingly cavalier; stale pop culture punchlines and routines straight from the 'We can't be bothered to finish this joke, so that's the joke' school of comedy. Yet in spite of myself, almost by accident, I still find myself laughing at it from time to time – usually when I'm shattered at the end of the day and lapsing into sleep. It's hardly a glowing endorsement, but the occasional LOL does elevate Family Guy above 'no way and no how' programming like Two And A Half Men.

  • Return of Community 3.1

    TV Video | Kirsty Harrison | 8th March 2012

    It's what we've been waiting for people... it's back like Mark Morrison, and unlike Mark Morrison - it's awesome.

  • DVD weekly: Chevy Chase, Zack Morris and the magic of TV

    TV Feature | Matt Looker | 15th November 2011

    Here at , we review the best of the week's new DVD and Blu-ray releases so that you don't have to. Not that you would - you'd probably just buy them and watch them. And maybe not even that. Still, WORDS.