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  • Teeth

    Movie Review | Ali | 17th June 2008

    The latest horror sub-genre to trickle into the mainstream would appear to be an offshoot of torture porn, focused around - brace yourself - the genitals. It's perhaps one of the last cinematic taboos (for some reason the term 'severed penis' still turns people off), but it's bloody hard to shoot without earning yourself a top-s...

  • Shutter

    Movie Review | Ali | 21st May 2008

    Another week, another crappy J-Horror remake. A Hollywood do-over of the 2004 Thai thriller of the same name, Shutter follows the divine formula cracked by Ringu all those years ago: preppy protagonists with a dark past are haunted by spooky looking Eastern girls via an instrument of technology. Despite countless horror remakes ...