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  • Bad Teacher

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd June 2011

    If you're going to call your movie Bad Teacher and openly invite comparisons to Bad Santa, you'd better make sure your Teacher actually is Bad, and not just... y'know, a bit shit.

  • The Ugly Truth

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd August 2009

    Put down that well-thumbed copy of Cosmo, gentlemen: here we have a rom-com that finally promises to preach 'the truth' about love. Thank goodness! It's a well-known fact that, until Richard Curtis invented the romantic comedy, men and women didn't have the first clue how to pro-create - they basically just walked around with th...

  • Yes Man

    Movie Review | Rob | 4th January 2009

    No. It's a wonderful word isn't it? Without it we'd all be doing things we don't really want to do, all of the time, and we'd be knackered 24/7 - life would be like a permanent Glastonbury. However, some people enjoy the word more than others, and get carried away with it to the extent where they sit alone in their apartment wat...

  • Fun With Dick & Jane

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd March 2006

    A little goofing off goes a long way. After years and years of clowning around and gurning relentlessly, the suits finally let Jim Carrey off the leash and allowed him to showcase his more traditional thespian talents as a reward; first in the Truman Show, and more recently, in Michel Gondry's wonderfully cerebral think-piece E...