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  • Nobody likes Captain Travolta

    Movie News | Ali | 23rd March 2011

    John Travolta has appeared in a flight safety video, smiling like a nob while standing in front of a plane. Think of the lives he's saved!

  • Battlefield Earth writer blames "suckiest movie ever" on his dong

    Movie News | Ali | 29th March 2010

    John Travolta thought it was going to be "the Schindler's List of sci-fi". That's offensive in more ways than there are numbers.

  • From Paris With Love

    Movie Review | Rob | 3rd March 2010

    Let me point out the elephant in the room here. I don't care for the title. It's neither imaginative nor catchy, and it's been nicked from Bond. The first poster was rubbish too. A gun with the Eiffel Tower as the barrel? It's crap, and probably made many people write the film off before they even caught a glimpse of Travolta's renegade CIA, Yul Brynner-resembling douche.

  • John Travolta: a career in 5 clips

    Movie Feature | Ben | 27th February 2010

    From Paris With Love sees John Travolta back on our screens as a wise-cracking, trigger-happy cliché that his penchant for hamming it up makes him perfect for. So, what better time to look back over a 35-year career that proves his diversity is the key to his longevity...

  • New trailer for From Paris with Love

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 5th January 2010

    The second trailer for From Paris with Love is out, giving us the chance to decide once and for all if Travolta's FBI Agent character is a cool-monickered badass or just a slap-headed douchebag.

  • From Paris With Love trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 17th September 2009

    Ever wanted to see John Travolta looking like a leukemia victim and swearing his arse off? You've come to the right movie!

  • Bolt

    Movie Review | Ben | 2nd February 2009

    In recent years, there have been two types of animated movie released by Disney. You have the Pixar movies, loved by all and heralded as works of genius; think WALL-E, Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Then, on the other hand, you have the rest of the crap. Think that's unfair? I give you The Wild and Chicken Little. Bolt, coming from...

  • Be Cool

    Movie Review | | 2nd April 2005

    Smugness is not a quality I particularly look for in a film star. For example, I could quite happily have Jude Law banished from the face of the earth and put up with the bitching I'd get from the entire female population of the planet, just so I don't have to endure his tiny, contended little face on my cinema screen any more....