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  • presents: Swingers

    Movie Feature | Ali | 7th June 2012

    First came Fight Club, now it's time for the Swingers among you to assemble. Come one come all to The Shiznit's second screening, Doug Liman's Swingers, at the Stratford East Picturehouse.

  • Cowboys & Aliens

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th August 2011

    In his role as executive producer, Cowboys & Aliens represents Steven Spielberg's fourth alien movie this year, after Super 8, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and his cameo in Paul (and that's not mentioning his TV series, Falling Skies). Throw in the rest of the year's extra-terrestrial activity (get bent, Battle LA) and it's no surprise the genre is starting to look a little fatigued. More Western than sci-fi, Cowboys & Aliens at least has a hook, but when push comes to shove comes to "we have to destroy the invaders' conveniently accessible power source", it's Just Another Alien Movie like all the rest.

  • Zookeeper

    Movie Review | Rob | 28th July 2011

    For a brief time there, Kevin James had potential; when his bumbling fat guy routine was sweet and charming, not depressing and pathetic. But then he fell in with Adam Sandler. Now he's trapped churning out this kind of monkey crap while Sandler sits back and counts his money. Yeah, Kevin James is totes the new Rob Schneider.

  • Why I Love... Peter Falk in Made

    Movie Feature | Ali | 2nd July 2011

    With Peter Falk's sad passing last week, I thought it was about time I reposted this, a feature I wrote back when I was working on Hotdog magazine in 2006. Falk is of course better known as unshakable TV detective Columbo, but I always loved his character in Jon Favreau's Made, a kind of quasi-sequel to Swingers. Here's a few hundred words on why.

  • New Cowboys & Aliens trailer shoots for the stars

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 17th November 2010

    It seems like only yesterday when we were presented with a new poster of Daniel Craig's arse, but now we get to see it in motion. Fighting aliens. Alongside Indiana Jones.

  • Cowboys & Aliens teaser poster and synopsis

    Movie News | Matt | 16th November 2010

    A new teaser poster for Jon Favreau's forthcoming Cowboys & Aliens has been released and it covers all the bases - Daniel Craig's arse for the ladies and some weird alien technology thing for the geeks.

  • Iron Man 2

    Movie Review | Ali | 28th April 2010

    The original Iron Man's success came something like a bolt from the blue; a very welcome superhero debut that nailed its playful tone and established itself as the first part of a much bigger universe. The sequel, however, comes with certain expectations attached: now we know the character's origins, he kinda has to... y'know, do something.

  • Cowboy Harrison Ford to aliens: "Get off my planet"

    Movie News | Ali | 6th April 2010

    How to improve a movie called Cowboys & Aliens? New cast member Harrison Ford knows how: just growl at the skinny extra-terrestrial bastards until they give you your family back.

  • Iron Man 2 clip: see shellhead fly

    Movie News | Ali | 4th April 2010

    Let April 2010 forever be known as 'slightly too excited about Iron Man 2 month'. Here's a brand new clip, showing that Tony Stark still knows how to make an entrance.

  • New Iron Man 2 poster looks fake, isn't

    Movie News | Ali | 24th March 2010

    But, y'know... still looking forward to seeing the film. Still waiting on my invite, guys. Please? I know you overbook these things, there must be seats left. I swear to God I saw Jonathan and Paul Ross at my last screening.