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  • Review: Hubie Halloween is a sorry excuse for a film, but don't expect an apology

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 12th October 2020

    It was cruel, really - to give us a glimpse of an oft-quoted character from Adam Sandler's greatest creation, Happy Gilmore, and then to undo any hint a comedy of that calibre would be in store mere seconds later when the funny voices and scat humour kicked in. And this is a film obsessed with scat: farts, poo, piss, it's got it all. Which is apt, because I've never seen anything go to shit as quickly as Hubie Halloween.

  • Pixels

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 30th July 2015

    One of the many questions that spring to mind while watching Pixels - such as "Why doesn't any of this make any sense?" and "What would it take for Adam Sandler's tired Deputy Dawg face to register an iota of genuine emotion?" - is: Who is this film supposed to be for? As a PG movie packed full of fairly obscure 80s references, you can only assume that its core audience is nostalgic parents who won't mind it when, on the journey home afterwards, their child takes a brief pause from unpacking the latest expansion kit for their favourite immersive online RPG to ask: "What's a Donkey Kong?"

  • Attention film scholars: Every instance of Kevin James falling over

    Movie Feature | Matt | 30th June 2013

    This is oddly mesmerising. It's like watching someone struggling to thread a tiny needle but, in this case, the needle is a film career and the thread is a very fine, practically invisible, slither of dignity (via Reddit).

  • Zookeeper

    Movie Review | Rob | 28th July 2011

    For a brief time there, Kevin James had potential; when his bumbling fat guy routine was sweet and charming, not depressing and pathetic. But then he fell in with Adam Sandler. Now he's trapped churning out this kind of monkey crap while Sandler sits back and counts his money. Yeah, Kevin James is totes the new Rob Schneider.

  • Zookeeper trailer: witness the many faces of Kevin James

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 17th May 2011

    Derp de derp de teedly tum te tum de durpa derpa tum te doo.

  • The Dilemma

    Movie Review | Ali | 23rd January 2011

    Like The Break-Up before it, The Dilemma is a deceptively straight-laced Vince Vaughn comedy that's just as concerned with exploring the dynamics of relationships as it is with crowd-pleasing gags and physical comedy. Also like The Break-Up before it, The Dilemma is quite enjoyable until its characters stop behaving like rational adults and start acting like they've just realised they've got a film to finish.

  • Grown Ups trailer: Adam Sandler has pissed in his own pool

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 17th April 2010

    There's a new trailer for Generic Adam Sandler Comedy #37. Drop everything.

  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop

    Movie Review | Rob | 2nd April 2009

    To quote Knocked Up's movie nudity aficionado, Ben Stone, 'good things come in pairs - Volcano, Dante's Peak, Deep Impact, Armageddon,' and obviously, naked celebrity websites, Mr. Skin and Flesh of the Stars. But now shopping mall-based comedies about tubby, jobs-worth security guards can go on that list, with the release of Ke...

  • Hitch

    Movie Review | | 2nd April 2005

    Seeing as he made his name as the happy-go-lucky Fresh Prince, it's perhaps rather odd that we don't see Will Smith starring in more romantic comedies like Hitch. He's done the bio thing with Ali, the action thing with Bad Boys and I, Robot and even the serious, 'I'm an actor' thing with Six Degrees of Separation. It's a given...