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  • Spectre

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 21st October 2015

    If Daniel Craig's incarnation of 007 had any agenda over the course of his previous three films, it was to get Bond back to basics, away from the spoofable superspy tropes of volcano lairs and invisible cars. Acting as a prequel series to the franchise sold this idea rather well, presenting us with a simple, bold and brutal spy at the start of his game. The problem is, each Craig film so far has ended with Bond primed and positioned to become the man we see at the start of Dr No, and they have created hidden steps along that journey. As such it has felt like a cheat, like counting down "three, two, one, er... a half, a quarter, an eighth" and so on. But now Spectre really feels like we have finally reached the end of that countdown, and it does so in part by tying all the previous films together into one conclusion. But it also does it by embracing all the embarrassingly awful 007 traditions that this modern Bond had previously shied away from.

  • #LFF2013: Blue Is The Warmest Colour

    Movie Review | Neil Alcock | 15th October 2013

    Let's not beat around the bush: Blue Is The Warmest Colour features lengthy, smokin' hot sex scenes between two young lesbians. I mention this now not for the sake of Google search results, honest, but just to get it out of the way. Because this is so much more than controversy-baiting soft porn for conservative tabloids and knuckle-shufflers alike to get excited about; it is in fact remarkable, assured filmmaking from a director and two actors so committed to the story they're telling that it's easy to forget it's a story at all. The naked young lesbians having naked lesbian sex is simply by the by, I don't even know why you keep going on about it.

  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th December 2011

    How many straight-up action movies have you seen this year? Remove all the superhero movies, alien invasions and Jason Statham films (which, as we all know, don't play by conventional rules), and there have been precious few pulse-pounders that were rooted in reality. Being grounded is not something typically associated with Tom Cruise – indeed, in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol he comes closer than ever to his Space God, courtesy of the Burj Khalifa – but the return of Ethan Hunt and his IMF team should be welcomed in a year where far-out fantasy and outlandish action has so far reigned.