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  • Review: Game of Thrones bows out burning bridges, own fingers, everything

    TV Review | Luke Whiston | 21st May 2019

    So now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Game of Thrones are at an end - two of the most popular, costliest and consistently epic franchises to ever exist in film and TV - and we've chewed over when and how to talk about them online, are we at some kind of 'spoiler event horizon' or a 'spoiler singularity'? I don't know either, just wanted to say something that sounded clever. Tits and willies and dragons eh, cor!

  • 300: Rise Of An Empire

    Movie Review | Becky Suter | 5th March 2014

    "THIS! IS! SPARTA!" Or rather, "THIS! IS! THE! AEGEAN SEA!" as the next chapter of the pumped-up fight fest that was 300 moves the action to a fresh – and very wet – battlefield. Set during the same timeline of the suicidal Spartans' clash at the Hot Gates, director Noam Murro (with previous 300 helmer Zack Snyder producing) presents the slightly less-exciting but still fun Battle of Artemisium that takes place almost exclusively at sea. Caution: the first two rows may get wet.

  • Dredd

    Movie Review | Ali | 3rd September 2012

    Dredd, of course, is not the first time we've seen the surly 2000AD lawman on screen. The first adaptation was, to put it bluntly, dreddful: completely mishandled, badly cast and creatively bankrupt. Fans were not happy, and with good reason. I mean, I can just about understand the casting of Martin Shaw, but relocating the story from Mega City One to the British legal system was bizarre and the recasting of the title character as a lovelorn High Court Judge was sacrilege. Hang on. Oh. Yeah, never mind. I was reading the Wikipedia page for BBC1 legal drama 'Judge John Deed'. I guess most of what I said also applies to the 1995 Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd movie. Except the bit about Martin Shaw.

  • 300

    Movie Review | Ali | 24th March 2007

    I used to think I had a penis until I saw 300. Once in a while, a movie comes along that's so extraordinarily butch, it makes even the most pumped-up gym-jockeys look like spaghetti-armed girls. 300 is so manly, if I was to re-write this article, it would take up the top 15 slots all by itself. If you step back and view 300 f...