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  • The Last Stand

    Movie Review | Matt | 22nd January 2013

    Arnie's back! Again. But this time he's really back - y'know, just like he used to say his famous saying that he said. He's BACK, and he's older and clunkier than ever so, er... yay? In fact, in this film, he looks less likely to say 'I'll be back' and more likely to say 'Aargh! My back!', amirite? Are we done here? Good, let's move on.

  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

    Movie Review | Rob | 3rd February 2012

    Michael Caine has had a long, glittering career spanning five decades. He's been nominated for an Academy Award in every decade since the 1960s. He's even a Knight of The Realm. The man truly is an icon of British cinema. Surely, though, flying a giant bee and high-fiving The Rock has to be his greatest achievement to date.

  • Waiting...

    Movie Review | Stuart | 15th September 2006

    Kevin Smith may very well have pissed all over the chips of Waiting before it was even served up as a movie. One can almost picture the pitch to the studio: "It's kinda like that Clerks movie. Only it's set in a restaurant. And it's in colour." They may not have added "Only it's not going to be as funny. Or as twisted. Even tho...