Matthew Broderick

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  • Ferris saves! Actors who reprised their iconic roles for adverts

    Movie Feature | Ali | 31st January 2012

    The internet lost its collective shit this week when a heartless, evil corporation sullied the memory of a cinematic 80s icon by FORCING actor Matthew Broderick to accept bundles of cash for a car advert.

  • Tower Heist

    Movie Review | Matt | 4th November 2011

    For someone who has starred in some of the best comedies of the past decade, Ben Stiller is hardly a guarantee of good quality. For every couple of Zoolanders, there's a Meet The Fockers. And now he's brought Eddie Murphy out of retirement from credibility to try to remember how to be grown-up funny. Sans fatsuit and everything. With so-so action-comedy director Brett Ratner calling the shots, this is destined for the bargain bin, isn't it? Get ready to be shocked and amazed...