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  • Review: Inheritance digs up the past, but you'll wish it remained buried

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 19th October 2020

    I was reading some comments under the Lily James gossip stuff recently, and someone said they couldn't tell the difference between James, Emma Roberts and Lily Allen. Lily Allen? But she's a singer, not an actress. And then I realised the person was an American and only knew her from films, not Top of the Pops. And then it got me thinking about initial impressions of people, and how I could work that into this review, before realising it's actually Lily Collins in the film and not Lily James. So my point is there are too many women.

  • Manborg

    Movie Review | Matt | 10th February 2013

    It’s just one of those instantly enticing one-word movie pitches, isn't it? Like er... 'Zombeast' or 'Vampirates'. I don’t care if it was written by Rupert Grint, stars 10-years-olds and was filmed on an iPhone, if I know that it features a half-man, half-cyborg, my interest is already piqued. Combine a title like that with an over-the-top retro action poster and I know one thing for sure: I will watch the shit out of Manborg. I would also watch the shit out of Vampirates regardless. Someone please make that film.