Michael Caine

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  • Children Of Men

    Movie Review | Dave | 25th September 2006

    Say what you will about Clive Owen, (for example that he's dull, almost completely inanimate, and has the charisma of Steve Davis on Ritalin), but there's no one out there more suited to the role of a disillusioned British bureaucrat. Whilst his King Arthur had all the dynamic leadership skills of the average Tory party candida...

  • Batman Begins

    Movie Review | Ali | 20th June 2005

    How to kill a franchise: Lesson #1
    Take one hard-boiled, well-established hero and dress him up in ill-fitting rubber, complete with cod-piece and bat-nipples. Strip away the cool Gothic vibe and replace it with super-gay neon and eye-rapingly cheesy special effects. Finally, have your newly camp crusader spout the kind of shit that George Lucas would balk at, and stand aside as your franchise digs its own grave and dies with its arse poking out of the soil.