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  • Luck - season one, episode 1

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 18th February 2012

    The world's gone horse-mental, people. First Spielberg, now Dustin Hoffman. That script gathering dust in your bottom drawer? Stick a horse in it and get it sent out. For we live in a world where the horse is king. It's the rise of the planet of the horses.

  • Dustin should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 14th December 2011

    Dustin Hoffman's doing telly. The final proof that TV is just as good as films. Either that, or it'll be a bit like watching Daniel Day-Lewis in a nativity play.

  • Public Enemies

    Movie Review | Ali | 29th June 2009

    On paper, this movie has it all. A credit crunch-defying story about renegades sticking it to the money men. A mouth-watering A-list face-off between two of the coolest bastards on the planet. A director who couldn't direct a shitty shoot-out if Michael Bay had him at gun-point. Why, then, does it feel so lacking? Despite all th...

  • Miami Vice

    Movie Review | Ali | 8th August 2006

    With the current climate of repackaging old TV shows for big-screen remakes, who better to helm a Miami Vice movie than one Michael Mann, executive producer of the original television series and a director well-known for shooting locations so lusciously, they're often more interesting than the characters placed within? While pa...