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  • Ghost In The Shell

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 1st April 2017

    'The only colour that matters in Hollywood is green,' he typed, pleased with himself, attempting to clumsily sidestep the whitewashing controversy that surrounded the movie. Okay, fine. Is Ghost In The Shell racist? I am here today to spectacularly ignore that important issue, not because it's not worth addressing, but because the answer is 'Yes, but only as racist as most other movies', which is not exactly a good point on which to start a healthy and balanced debate. Let's just get on with the review, shall we? This is already in my top five worst opening paragraphs.

  • World exclusive Boardwalk Empire clip: Jimmy Darmody

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 31st August 2012

    No seriously, it actually is a world exclusive. Literally no one else in the world has this clip other than us. And anyone in America who's bought the season two box set already. Shut up, still counts. Out on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on Monday 3rd September.

  • A guide to Boardwalk Empire's various synonyms for 'vagina'

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 21st June 2011

    Because in the twenties they knew how to swear. The bunch of cunnies.

  • Funny Games U.S.

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th April 2008

    "Why are you doing this to us?" asks Tim Roth's housebound hostage. "Why not?" says his tormentor. Why not indeed? Michael Haneke certainly needs no further excuse to repackage his 1997 thriller for American audiences - it is, after all, the audience the movie was originally aimed at. Shot in a near identical...

  • Last Days

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th September 2005

    There is one pivotal scene in Last Days that almost managed to convince me that I was watching a work of genius. Having shambled aimlessly around his deserted mansion for almost an hour of running time, mumbling incoherently to himself, stumbling from room to room pausing only to make himself cereal and something approximating ...