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  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 1st May 2017

    While fans continue to squabble over the correct, surely-soon-to-be-official 'Ultimate Ranking of MCU films' (nearly there, guys! Seriously, you're doing great work), it's easy to overlook the fact that, at this stage, the Marvel movie-making model looks unlikely to ever produce a truly bad film. Sure, there have been Dark Elvish messes and Mickey Rourke-sized hiccups, but Marvel really has its mathematically-safe, formulaic shit together now and, as a result, always delivers an agreeable level of fun and action albeit without taking any real risks. That is, except for Guardians Of The Galaxy, the only property in the Universe that still feels like a gamble, sitting apart from the homogenised Avenger adventures to follow its own completely different set of rules. Which is why it's a shame that this sequel follows them too.

  • Slither

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th July 2006

    Horror films don't scare me in the same way as they used to. It just feels like Hollywood is running low on ideas; if it's not a back-slapping, ironic-as-you-like slasher movie it's a US remake of an Eastern classic or a 12A pussy flick that wouldn't scare the pants off my incontinent grandmother. Movies like Wolf Creek and Ho...