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  • Mood Indigo

    Movie Review | Christopher Ratcliff | 6th May 2014

    I don't know about you, but I like my romantic comedies to be like a punch in the dick. Just a really sharp jab to my tenderest parts. I've had enough of all the mealy-mouthed cooing of your standard rom-com. Where's the cruelty? Where's the misanthropy? Where's the fear of mortality? Who cares about love when one of you is just going to die and leave the other one with a massively expensive hospital bill anyway?

    Finally asking all the questions that Friends With Benefits and Failure to Launch didn't ask is Michel Gondry's endlessly twisting and sadistic Mood Indigo. A film that hates love, hates its protagonists and hates you even more.

  • The Green Hornet

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th January 2011

    The Green Hornet is one of those brilliant projects that, when you first heard about it, you made a noise something like, "Whuuuhhh?" Seth Rogen - Tubby Funsterâ„¢ extraordinaire - playing a superhero, directed by Michel Gondry? Now that I gotta see, right?

  • New poster for The Green Hornet is much more like it

    Movie News | Ali | 16th October 2010

    Worried about how little we've heard about Michel Gondry's superhero action movie, The Green Hornet? Maybe this new poster will reassure you. Maybe not. It's only a poster after all.

  • Movie trailer: The Green Hornet

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 22nd June 2010

    Ever wondered what a Seth Rogen action movie directed by Michel Gondry might look like? No, no one has. But you're about to get your first look anyway.

  • Be Kind Rewind

    Movie Review | Mark | 27th February 2008

    Be Kind Rewind is an unsung lament to a sadly dying art. In the same way that Cinema Paradiso harked back to a golden age - the time when the community would gather around a flickering screen and unite by the common spectacle - Michel Gondry's latest effort manages to evoke that dying memory of the time when people would clap at...

  • The Science Of Sleep

    Movie Review | Ali | 19th February 2007

    Michel Gondry is very possibly a genius. Michel Gondry is also very possibly cursed by his gift. A visionary in the truest sense of the word, he seems incapable of making an ordinary film - just take a look at the music videos on his CV and marvel at the amount of originality and ingenuity squeezed into mere three minute pop s...

  • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

    Movie Review | Ali | 3rd September 2004

    They say the average human only uses 5% of his brain. Charlie Kaufman is certainly not the average human, and if scientific boffins were to poke their bits and bobs into his frontal lobe, I think you'd find the results to be most startling. The creative genius behind Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, Kaufman is the hottest ...