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  • Marvel's Cine-CHAT-ic Universe: Iron Man 2 (2010)

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray, Matt Looker, Becky Suter, Ed Williamson | 12th November 2017

    It's time for a brand new installment of the feature we can't believe no one else is doing: talking about Marvel movies! After kicking off with Iron Man and seriously questioning the format with The Incredible Hulk, we're officially into sequel territory with Iron Man 2, the first movie that knew it was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or should we say... Cine-CHAT-ic Universe? No. No we shouldn't. We should use the correct terminology.

  • War Pigs unlikely to pass Bechdel test

    Movie News | Ed Williamson | 6th August 2015

    That is unless 'Temptress' REALLY feminisms the shit out of it.

  • Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 20th August 2014

    Nine years after the pages turned on Robert Rodriguez's first Sin City movie, and with at least three major parts recast, you can't help but think this Dame To Kill For is sashaying into town long after everyone has lost interest. Showing no signs of added maturity - if anything it's even more juvenile - this slick-yet-soulless sequel features the required quota of girls, guns and garrotting, but it's unlikely to win over those who were unimpressed by the same stiff sideshow almost a decade ago.

  • Immortals

    Movie Review | Ali | 10th November 2011

    To look at it, you might think Immortals has no idea how ridiculous it is – characters with glistening muscles and mountainous pectorals swing around their hugely phallic swords while wearing gold lamé hotpants, like the most expensive porn parody ever. The problem is, director Tarsem Singh knows exactly how ridiculous it looks, which means not only is it one of the campest movies of the year, but one of the most vain, too. Oddly, though, you can't take your eyes off it – it's like watching the butchest float on the Gay Pride parade crash in super slow-motion HD.

  • The Expendables

    Movie Review | Ali | 15th August 2010

    The danger of 'event movies' is often that the event becomes more important than the actual movie. In some cases, the finished film can almost become surplus to requirement. Remember Snakes On A Plane? We all chuckled at the title and bought into the cheesiness of it, yet only six people saw it at the cinema, and only three of them actually liked it. And one of them was me.

  • Iron Man 2

    Movie Review | Ali | 28th April 2010

    The original Iron Man's success came something like a bolt from the blue; a very welcome superhero debut that nailed its playful tone and established itself as the first part of a much bigger universe. The sequel, however, comes with certain expectations attached: now we know the character's origins, he kinda has to... y'know, do something.

  • Mickey Rourke playing Genghis Khan

    Movie News | Matt | 26th April 2010

    Actual quote: "One of the things I like about Genghis Khan was his love of dogs." That and his brief stint in the Mongolian WWE.

  • Iron Man 2: new pics 'n' posters

    Movie News | Ali | 31st March 2010

    If you have to ask why, then you're too old! (*cranks up AC/DC*)

  • Iron Man 2 trailer: fuck yeah

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 8th March 2010

    No words... should have shown a poet...

  • Iron Man 2 movie trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 19th December 2009

    Posters schmosters: hit that full-screen button, turn the speakers up and rock the fuck out to the first trailer for Iron Man 2. SABBATH RULE! (*downs cider and black, moshes*)