Mickey Rourke

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  • Iron Man 2 poster: whuup-aahh!

    Movie News | | 10th December 2009

    It's poster-geddon! Following War Machine's poster debut a few moons back, and the boring, beardy Tony Stark poster that I ignored, here's Mickey Rourke's Whiplash, showing off his sparkly rods.

  • The Wrestler

    Movie Review | Ali | 21st January 2009

    It's easy to laugh at Mickey Rourke. He's a has-been; a dog fancier; an actor reduced to the stakes of a bum. After a well-publicised career meltdown, an ill-advised return to boxing left him with, in the words of Charlie Brooker, "a face like wet cat food." He is, in short, a joke. Yes, it's easy to laugh at Mickey Rourke. But ...

  • Sin City

    Movie Review | Pand | 19th April 2005

    Sin City is the latest attempt to bring a successful comic to the big screen, and damn, if it isn't the yardstick that all future movies following this route should take. It's not so much a movie of a comic as the comic itself in movie form. Robert Rodriguez and author Frank Miller, together with "guest director" Quent...