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  • Gracepoint to be loads better than Broadchurch because America

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 13th May 2014

    It will too, won't it? Even though this pilot looks to be literally identical to the ITV version save for the fact that Nick Nolte's wearing a hat to play the creepy old guy who runs the newsagent and everyone reckons is a paedo, the plan is apparently to take it in a different direction from here. And inevitably it'll be great and no one will be able to remember why they ever watched ITV in the first place. Could you remake Midsomer Murders next please, guys?

  • Extrapolating Nick Nolte's physical degradation from this Noah set pic

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 14th January 2014

    Darren Aronofosky has announced that Nick Nolte had joined the cast of Noah, and tweeted this pic as proof. From this image, we can assume that providing ADR causes Nick Nolte severe physical discomfort, thus we can extrapolate what he might look like by the time his stint in the sound booth is over.

    And this is accounting for 14 hours sleep a night and a two-day-week.

  • Parker

    Movie Review | Ali | 8th March 2013

    Halfway through Parker, Jason Statham looks lovingly at a dog. It's quite possibly the best thing he's ever done; not because he then proceeds to engage it in a highly ludicrous fight scene as you might expect, but because it shows he has a sense of humour. Self-awareness might be the last piece of the package that makes Jason Statham a bona fide film star, because in Parker, he displays presence, charm and wit, as well as the pre-requisite EXTREME DEADLINESS. George Clooney might be able to kill a tuxedo, but I doubt he'd be able to kill a man with some Blu-tac and a couple of egg boxes.

  • The mystery of the Luck horse-killer

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 14th March 2012

    Horses have been dropping like dead horses over on the set of Luck, leading HBO to cancel the show. With three dead, we ask: who is Luck's on-set horse-killer and when will he strike again?

  • Luck - season one, episode 1

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 18th February 2012

    The world's gone horse-mental, people. First Spielberg, now Dustin Hoffman. That script gathering dust in your bottom drawer? Stick a horse in it and get it sent out. For we live in a world where the horse is king. It's the rise of the planet of the horses.

  • Win Warrior on Blu-ray by looking inside this internet page

    Movie Competition | Ali | 16th February 2012

    Here's your chance to win officially the sixth best film of 2011 on spangly Blu-ray: three copies of Warrior are up for grabs. And punches. And crotch-punches. And kicks. And face-kicks.

  • Dustin should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 14th December 2011

    Dustin Hoffman's doing telly. The final proof that TV is just as good as films. Either that, or it'll be a bit like watching Daniel Day-Lewis in a nativity play.

  • Warrior

    Movie Review | Ali | 19th September 2011

    At a glance, Warrior looks like just another scrapper drama – dudes get into fights, one emerges victorious, life lessons are learned along the way, someone angling for a poster quote compares it to Raging Bull and we all go home with our bloodlust slaked. Shortlist's poster quote – "All the Rockys rolled into one!" – reads more like a back-handed compliment than an enthusiastic recommendation. As it unfolds, however, Warrior reveals itself to be more than just a brainless slugger – like the best boxing movies, it's able to utterly wrap you up in the moment and have you punching the air come its conclusion. Oh, and Warrior doesn't just have punching... it has kicking, too. Face kicking.

  • Zookeeper

    Movie Review | Rob | 28th July 2011

    For a brief time there, Kevin James had potential; when his bumbling fat guy routine was sweet and charming, not depressing and pathetic. But then he fell in with Adam Sandler. Now he's trapped churning out this kind of monkey crap while Sandler sits back and counts his money. Yeah, Kevin James is totes the new Rob Schneider.

  • Arthur

    Movie Review | Rob | 22nd April 2011

    How you choose to take this remake of Dudley Moore's 1981 classic hinges entirely on your tolerance for a certain Russell Brand. Granted, his Arthur 2.0 is a slightly toned-down version of himself, and the pelvic thrusts, sex-mad antics, swearing and prank calls to aging comedians are at a minimum, but if you outright don't like the bloke, a top hat, tails and a cane is hardly going to change that.