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  • Grrrrrr! Win Drive Angry on DVD

    Movie Competition | Ali | 4th July 2011

    It's out on DVD today, but if you're a horrible, poor hobo without a penny to your name, you can win one of three copies of Drive Angry on DVD. Maybe you can sell them for crack if you win!

  • Drive Angry 3D

    Movie Review | Ali | 25th February 2011

    Remember when I said the 101 reasons to love Nicolas Cage feature would be the last thing we did on Nicolas Cage this week? I lied.

  • My Bloody Valentine 3D

    Movie Review | Ali | 17th January 2009

    A few months back, I reviewed a film called Scar 3D. It sucked, not only because it was a terrible movie, but because it was a terrible waste of genuinely exciting technology - 3D specs have been around for yonks, but it's only now that films are being /shot/ in three dimensions. Aside from a cool scene with 3D tits, I argued th...

  • White Noise: The Light

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th January 2007

    Let's face it, without crappy sequels to bitch about, the internet would be a desolate wasteland populated by bright young teens exchanging smileys and looking at pictures of kittens - shite movies are why we're here. The fact that movies like White Noise: The Light exist is not what rankles me, rather the fact that they're see...