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  • Push

    Movie Review | Rich | 21st February 2009

    Push is a sign of things to come. Licensed comic book movies have made more than a bajillion dollars since Spidey swang back into town, so it's only natural that movie studios will want to continue this trend, without having to send wheelbarrows of money to Marvel or DC. This means they'll have to come up with original IP, whi...

  • Lucky Number Slevin

    Movie Review | Ali | 9th March 2006

    An awful title can do a lot of damage to a film. I don't care how many awards it won, one of the main reasons I declined to see The Constant Gardener was because I didn't fancy seeing a film about a man who couldn't keep his hands off of his hoes. However, despite its criminally bad monicker, Paul McGuigan's Lucky Number Slevi...