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  • Eragon

    Movie Review | Ali | 23rd December 2006

    Nerds have been well catered for in cinemas in recent years. You've had Tolkien's Hobbit adventures, which have seen acne-scarred armies take over the multiplex; the Harry Potter films have had amateur magicians vigorously stroking their wands for years; even comic-book nerds have had their inkiest wank fantasies transferred to...

  • Once In A Lifetime

    Movie Review | Ali | 30th September 2006

    It's no surprise why 'soccer' never really took off in the States; sitting through an hour and half of near-uninterrupted action is like Chinese water torture for a nation raised on sports peppered with time-outs, game-breaks and 'a short word from our sponsors.' They'd much rather get their kicks from their own brand of footba...