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  • DVD weekly: mods, paramedics and alcoholics

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson, Kirsty Harrison | 12th March 2012

    In summary: it's OK for dramas and even stand-up comedians to be bleak, but it's not OK for comedies to be unfunny. Even if they would rather call themselves 'dramedies'.

  • Beyond The Pole

    Movie Review | Anna | 22nd March 2010

    Documentaries made by self-righteous pricks overtly flaunting a ''message'' are an obvious but deserving target for satirists. You know the ones, second rate Michael Moores with a bee in their smug bonnet, out to change the world. It's the modern equivalent of standing on a high street with a placard saying ''Jesus loves you''. Imagine the sort of film Chris Morris could have made with this subject matter. In the hands of director David Williams however, Beyond The Pole is less sassy satire, more mediocre buddy movie.