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  • White House Down

    Movie Review | Rob, Matt | 6th September 2013

    What are the chances of two 'Die Hard In The White House' films getting released just months apart? And it's always such a shame when this kind of thing happens because, inevitably, whichever film gets released second is the one that suffers. In fact, to Average Joe Cinema, it might even look like this film has COPIED Olympus Has Fallen. Well, let me be the first to assure you that this kind of laziness just doesn't happen in the entertainment industry.

  • Independence Day 3D cancelled by Fox, world denied Boomer in 3D

    Movie News | Luke | 21st November 2012

    Finally a 3D remake worth seeing and it gets shit-canned. Does this mean the sequels are in trouble too? Bah. Horrible news via Den of Geek.

    Update! I couldn't stand the injustice so took matters into my own hands. Presenting: Boomer 3D!

  • Win Anonymous on Blu-ray and dance on Shakespeare's grave

    Movie Competition | Ali | 5th March 2012

    Enter and win a copy of Anonymous, Roland Emmerich's bonkers assault on Shakespeare. It's practically the equivalent of farting into your copy of Romeo+Juliet. (The Leonardo DiCaprio one).

  • #LFF: Anonymous

    Movie Review | Ali | 25th October 2011

    Did you know Shakespeare didn't even write his own plays? Yeah mate, totally true. It was some Welsh bloke with a beard. Oh yeah, and the moon landing was fake too – they done it in a Margate car park. JFK? Martian hit squad. And Derren Brown predicted 9/11, but promised Osama Bin Laden he'd never tell anyone. No word of a lie mate, I swear. The bloke who directed Godzilla told me.

  • Will Smith to be Fresh President in Independence Day sequels

    Movie News | Ali | 1st October 2010

    Roland Emmerich has been talking up his return to the Independence Day franchise and has dropped a couple of barely susceptible hints that Will Smith might have finally got into The White House.

  • Roland Emmerich to blow up Asimov's Foundation trilogy in 3D

    Movie News | Ali | 12th February 2010

    This could be too nerdy - even for you guys - but Roland Emmerich is confirmed to direct sci-fi supremo Isaac Asimov's epic Foundation trilogy, and in 3D to boot. In space, no one can hear you EXTREEEEEEME!

  • Roland Emmerich officially runs out of ideas

    Movie News | Matt | 13th November 2009

    After making the disaster-movie-to-end-all-disaster-movies with 2012, you'd think Roland Emmerich would lay the genre to rest and challenge himself with a rom-com, or even just a music video. But no. Apparently he now wants to make two back-to-back sequels to Independence Day.

  • 2012

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th November 2009

    Take a look at this week's release schedule: the distinctions between the choices couldn't be more clear. If I want to go and see a film, I'll go and see Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon. If I want to go and see a movie, I'll go and see Roland Emmerich's 2012.

  • 2012 to get miniseries sequel, 2013

    Movie News | Ali | 6th November 2009

    That's right, John. In what could perhaps be considered a major spoiler for a film about the end of the world, 2012 will live on in 2013, a televised miniseries about life after disaster. It's a disafter movie. But on TV.

  • New 2012 clip will rock your world

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 4th October 2009

    Five minutes of 2012, you say? Right this way for front row seats to the end of the world. Warning: highly ludicrous.