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  • Russell Crowe to play new Bond villain, GoldenEar

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 19th February 2015

    Unfortunately, Russell volunteered to sing the theme tune, too. (Poster for Russ's new movie, The Water Diviner, courtesy of

  • Man Of Steel

    Movie Review | Ali | 14th June 2013

    Wow. That was my first reaction upon exiting Man Of Steel. Not necessarily 'Wow' in the sense that I had been overly impressed, but 'Wow' like I had been totally exhausted by the experience and felt so light-headed my brain couldn't quite process words with more than one syllable. Now I've had time for my synapses to cool, I can downgrade 'Wow' to 'Huh': though Man Of Steel is epic in the truest sense of the word, it pummels you so hard with its epicness that you don't have the time or the spatial awareness to notice its flaws. Maybe it's the fact I saw it cold, purposefully not having watched any trailers or promotional material beforehand, but flying blind made for an interesting experience – and dare I say, I perhaps enjoyed it more than others might due to that same lack of preconceptions.

  • Les Misérables

    Movie Review | Ali | 10th January 2013

    Let me tell you straight off, I'm not really a 'theatre person'. I'm exactly the sort of philistine who would probably walk out of a matinee showing of The Mousetrap at The Windmill if the concessions stand was closed. The last thing I saw in a theatre was Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. The time before that was The Woman In Black, but only because I knew it was considered exciting enough to be made into a film. The time before that was probably Garfield: Live!, although to my credit, I was about six at the time (even so, I still remember being terrified of Garfield's perennially glassy, non-blinking eyes and fixed, rictus grin. Maybe I caught him on a Monday).

  • First look inside Noah's ark results in obvious movie gag

    Movie Feature | Matt | 26th September 2012

    While Darren Aronofsky has been toiling away on his big screen version of the story of Noah's ark, film bloggers across the internet have been scratching their heads over how to cover the film in an interesting and original way. They needn't have bothered.

  • Tuesday LOL: Russell Crowe has a wang on his hat

    Movie News | Ali | 29th May 2012

    Russ in Les Mis, looking well mis. (Courtesy of USA Today)

  • Films on TV round-up: More4 got mo' films, mofos

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 15th January 2012

    Hey, it turns out More4 show films as well as ... wait, what else do they have on More4? It's all politics and serious stuff, isn't it? I've no time for that, personally. All that thinking HURT ED HEAD.

  • Films on TV round-up: families of all kinds

    TV Feature | Kirsty Harrison | 25th September 2011

    Another week, another selection of X-Men related movies on ITV2. Thankfully, there are other channels and many, many other films to watch. I haven't got a lot of time to waste talking about them, as Ryan Reynolds' M&S adverts aren't going to watch themselves. So let's go, chop chop!

  • Films on TV round-up: CLEVER PEOPLE GO NUTS: THE PROOF

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 21st August 2011

    For no reason other than my own amusement, this week's films on TV round-up is written in the style of The Sun.

  • The Next Three Days

    Movie Review | Ali | 23rd December 2010

    The Next Three Days is kind of a throwback to the classic action movies Hollywood put out in the mid-nineties - the 'one man versus the world' era of thrillers, in which lantern-jawed heroes like Harrison Ford or Mel Gibson fight to save their family against improbable odds and injustice. At one point, the lead character - a stoic, possibly stubbled everyman forced into action against his will - is likely to growl "Give me back my wife" or something, before killing eight thousand terrorists in the name of love. Brilliant.

  • Paul Haggis, Russell Crowe to reteam for The Equalizer

    Movie News | Chris | 29th September 2010

    Edward Woodward's '80s icon will return, and will most likely battle racism in a completely preachy and obvious manner.