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  • Spectre

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 21st October 2015

    If Daniel Craig's incarnation of 007 had any agenda over the course of his previous three films, it was to get Bond back to basics, away from the spoofable superspy tropes of volcano lairs and invisible cars. Acting as a prequel series to the franchise sold this idea rather well, presenting us with a simple, bold and brutal spy at the start of his game. The problem is, each Craig film so far has ended with Bond primed and positioned to become the man we see at the start of Dr No, and they have created hidden steps along that journey. As such it has felt like a cheat, like counting down "three, two, one, er... a half, a quarter, an eighth" and so on. But now Spectre really feels like we have finally reached the end of that countdown, and it does so in part by tying all the previous films together into one conclusion. But it also does it by embracing all the embarrassingly awful 007 traditions that this modern Bond had previously shied away from.

  • Bond 24 director shortlist: the yays, the nays and the no ways

    Movie Feature | Neil, Ali | 6th March 2013

    In some of the most exciting news about somebody not doing something ever, it's emerged that Skyfall director Sam Mendes won't be returning to "helm" the next Bond film, even though he never said that he would and often suggested that he wouldn't. Still, that's no reason for us not to pull on our Roger Moore underpants and boot up the Speculatotron 2000, if only so we can say "told you so, ner ner ner-ner-ner" in the unlikely event that we're right. In a Shiznit first, Neil and Ali double-team James Bond to lay down the rules for who should and shouldn't be allowed within megaphoning distance of Bond 24.

  • Skyfall

    Movie Review | Ali | 13th October 2012

    After the racing start that was Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace felt like an unscheduled pitstop; Craig stuck in the driving seat, sitting frustrated and static while the Bond engineers frantically retooled his vehicle against the clock. I'm happy to report that Skyfall sees Bond well and truly back on track: a turbo-boosted return to form with all cylinders firing. It's not without its problems, but Skyfall walks that fine line between homage and evolution so confidently, it frequently breaks into a strut.

  • Do pay attention, 007... oh, you are

    Movie Feature | Ali | 5th June 2012

    Nice little Skyfall number plate easter egg (via reddit).


    Movie News | Luke | 3rd November 2011

    Sony Pictures held a press conference in London today, to announce the title of the new James Bond movie. Then they told us some other details we haven't already known for months.

  • MGM finally scrape enough money together for Bond 23

    Movie News | Matt | 12th January 2011

    It's confirmed: everyone's favourite brawling, sexist, drunk gambling addict is coming back to the big screen on 9 November 2012 to beat up women and bed henchmen. No wait...

  • James binned: 007 axed, now available for children's parties

    Movie News | Ali | 2nd July 2010

    See what I did? I said 'binned' instead of Bond, because it kind of rhymes, not really, but enough to make a fun headline. What I'm saying is, the new James Bond movie has officially been cancelled. Last time I try a pun.

  • Bond 23 officially put on hold

    Movie News | Ali | 19th April 2010

    Financial problems have officially shackled 007: the in-development Bond movie has hit the skids, and a release date is uncertain, as is the cast and crew. Sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays!

  • Sam Mendes to direct Bond 23

    Movie News | Ali | 5th January 2010

    American Beauty director Sam Mendes is in talks to helm the new James Bond movie, with a 2011 release looking likely. So, what odds on 007 suffering a midlife crisis and knocking one off in the shower?

  • Away We Go

    Movie Review | Anna | 16th September 2009

    For a British director, Sam Mendes sure is hung up on the American dream. American Beauty and Revolutionary Road both exposed the fašade of American domestic bliss, leaving behind a pretty bitter aftertaste. Mendes carries the technique of examining American life at close proximity by zooming in on one couple, from Revolutionary Road to Away We Go.